Below you will find the 1 hour video with award winning filmmakers John T. Trigonis, Film Strategist at Indiegogo.

John broke down his zen philosphy of what crowdfunding is really all about, and sa to of practical information about what goes into running a successful campaign. Keep in touch with John on twitter @trigonis and be sure and check out his book Crowdfunding for Filmmakers. 

Want to get all the skinny and learn how the A-Z on crowdfunding? Learn from the experts in this... 



Over the course of 5 classes that feature 7 experts in fundraising, crowdfunding, video production and social media broke down how what goes into a powerful crowdfunding campaign. This is a fun and informative course that will give you everything you need to suceed, include all of the behind systems to manage large amounts of information, rewards, and more. 

Save youself HOURS of research and tears and stress along the way... go here.    

Want personal 1:1 guidance and coaching how to make your dream a reality by launching a successful crowdfunding campaign? 

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Want to get an introduction to what it takes to launch a successful campaign? Check out this 23 page DIY ACTION GUIDE guide that will walk you through the process of launching a campaign. It goes through all the logistics of the when to launch, how to choose your platform, how to create rewards, it even has templates for how to write good emails. Once will save you a ridiculous amount of time. 

Action Guide to Launch A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign $25

Don't just take my word for's what the critics have to say....

“Leah was excellent at helping me clarify my crowdfunding campaign strategy and goals. She sees crowdfunding holistically - as not only a way raise funds, but also as a great way to build audience and awareness.  Plus, her lust for life is infectious!”
-Mike Seely, Filmmaker, creator of the Exiled crowdfunding campaign
“Leah was insightful, organized, and thorough, and great with our contact on the phone. Her crowdfunding advice was just the nudge we needed to help us to the finish line.”
-Marcia Jermal, creator of the(R)Evolution Cuba crowdfunding campaign
“I consulted with Leah when building a Kickstarter campaign for my film Love Thy Nature. She shared great tips and insights, which helped us reach and exceed our financial goal.”  
-Sylvie Rokab, creator of theLove Thy Nature crowdfunding campaign
"Leah has hit the nail on the head here -- clear, concise -- and succinct direction on setting up your own crowdfunding campaign. She has learned from her own experience and has done a huge service for those looking to set up their own campaign -- in any realm. And if you get stuck or mired down? She's available for one-on-one consultations - or if what you need is a guide, she's qualified from start to finish."
-Joni Cooper, Award-winning documentary producer, former Director of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival at the Banff Centre
"Leah's gift of sharing experiences and insights in this important area will benefit many projects.  The information, the practical advice and tips, the social insights that are so much a part of this, all make this a must have and must use for anyone considering crowdfunding." -
Craig Malina, The Video Project