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My gift to you: A 30minute ROCK YOUR CROWDFUNDING discovery session where we explore the ins and outs of what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Don't Waste Your Time & Energy

Trying to Figure Out Crowdfunding Alone...


 Learn From Some of the Best in this 5 Video Series that tells you everything you need to know ...but didn't know you needed to ask) 


Why not learn from other peoples mistakes and skip making the same ones?

5  1-hour video classes with expert crowdfunders who have raised millions will teach you everything  you need to know about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. 


  • 5 Video (or audio) classes where you can to hear from the experts what it took to launch successful campaigns

  • Worksheets that guide you through the process of developing your campaign, video, and social media strategy

  • A comprehensive list of resources and tools for managing your campaign before, during, and after you launch

  • Templates for emails, video production, and ambassador requests

BONUS: Receive The 23 Page ACTION GUIDE On How To Launch Your Campaign


"Highly Recommended!! Leah's Crowdfunding class was great. I learned the crucial details about how to run a successful campaign, both from Leah and the other experienced and successful crowdfunders. Things it would have taken me dozens of failures to learn on my own. It's great to have a sense of whats important as well as lots of the key particulars. Full heart as well." Peter, Class Participant

Leah was excellent at helping me clarify my crowdfunding campaign strategy and goals. She sees crowdfunding holistically - as not only a way raise funds, but also as a great way to build audience and awareness. Plus, her lust for life is infectious!”
— Mike Seely, Filmmaker, creator of the Exiled crowdfunding campaign




Do you have what it takes to run a successful campaign?

Schedule your 30minute ROCK YOUR CROWDFUNDING discovery session where we explore the ins and outs of what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

You Have Questions:

  • How do I assess if my network is large enough to reach my goal?
  • How do I reach beyond my network?
  • What are the systems I need to use to make my campaign successful?
  • Am I candidate to hire a PR firm to promote my campaign?
  • How much money do I need to spend on my video?
  • When is the right time to launch my campaign?

Here's what you'll learn in this 5 video class:


CLASS 1: The basics to launching your campaign & how to craft your story

We'll discuss how to choose the platform that is right for you, when to launch your campaign, how long it should run, and how to prepare for taxes. We'll also begin the process of shaping the messaging and over arching narative for your campaign. 


CLASS 2: The secrets to fundraising, rewards & building Your network

In this session we will discuss how to create and budget for smart awards, and the ins and outs to building a network 10 times larger than what is in your roladex. You will walk away knowing how to write a powerful and provacative ask that inspires people to join your campaign. 

CLASS 3: Keeping the campaign alive & planning your escape out of the midcampaign slump

All great campaigns are destined to start with an adrenaline rush, and then the inevitable happens... the midcampaign slump. It's impossible to avoid, but you can plan for this in advance. And we will. We'll go over the trips and tricks for how to put a strategy in place to make it through with flying colors. 

CLASS 4: Producing your video

This class will provide you an outline for how to write your script, and will discuss the ins and outs of video production. You will walk away knowing how to create a budget for your film, and understand what goes into hiring a production company to produce your video or what to consider when doing your video yourself. 

Class 5: Everything else you need to know

In this module we'll go over all of the remaining details: how to select the length of your campaign, more systems you need to stay organized and suceed and reaching your goals, we'll discuss the art of launching a big campaign, and the secret strategy to reaching and connecting with all of the people in a very large network. Our guest speaker ran a legendary campaign and will talk about the power of leveraging your social capital. 

“The only certainty I had in mind was that crowdfunding would play a big part in raising the money for my dream. I went online to ‘get help’ and was quickly overwhelmed by the options and the ‘hacks’ and the sheer volume of ‘do this and that’ from a vast number of unvetted sources. I quickly closed the tab. An hour later, scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post with “Everything is Possible” and, to my surprise, saw it was your Crowdfunding Course. I clicked on it and was happy to read that it covers not only the hard tack stuff like videos, spreadsheets & the like, but also the reality of the emotional rollercoaster such an undertaking tends to be. The guest speakers were savvy and full of real-life, actionable knowledge and your moderation was spot-on - friendly, firm and intentional. I came away from the course with a foundation in what to do next, as well as a feeling that indeed, “Everything IS Possible!” Thank you so much for this excellent resource.”
— Sonja, Class Participant

What Makes This Class So Special? 

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 11.59.04 PM.png

It's no secret that you can go online and find a LOT of information online about crowdfunding. I gathered these matertals together into one concise set of materials to save you the blood sweat and tears so many of us went through when we set out to kick but on our campaign. To name just a few of the things that you will find in your course materials: 

  • Templates for your emails
  • Storyboards for your videos
  • Guidance on how to make a direct ask for money
  • Resources on how to get over anything that is between you and asking for money
  • Templates for how to manage large amounts of rewards
  • LOTS of advise from experts
  • Tid bits about what the experts would...and wouldn't do again

But here's whats makes this course really special... the people interviewed all had really big hearts. And while they spoke to the science of crowdfunding...they also spoke to the heart of fundraising. It's the thing you don't see in articles or how-to's the kind of thing you only get when you drop into a little conversation about what it really takes to run an amazing campaign. 

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Want more individualized attention and coaching?

Schedule your free 30 minute ROCK YOUR CROWDFUNDING discovery session where we explore the ins and outs of what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. We'll chat go over your goals and assess your...

  • Communication strategy
  • Video script and productions
  • Rewards 
  • Guidance re: how to expand your network
  • Designing your mid-campaign strategy
  • Maintaining connection with your community

“Leah has hit the nail on the head here — clear, concise — and succinct direction on setting up your own crowdfunding campaign. She has learned from her own experience and has done a huge service for those looking to set up their own campaign — in any realm.

— Joni Cooper, Award-winning documentary producer, former Director of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival at the Banff Centre


About Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb is a writer and producer who has launched two of her own sucessful campaigns and has gone on to consult on many sucessful crowdfunding campaigns around the globe on a variety of platforms. She brings a breadth of experience in marketing, online communications, and community building after being the Director for Online Outreach and producing The Green Channel at Current TV, and developing implementing social impact campaigns for filmmakers while working with Active Voice. She has led trainings about how to think outside the box about your crowdfunding campaigns for The Pollination Project Foundation and Burning Man.

Her special sauce: looking at campaigns in a holistic perspective that develops long term relationships and threads the essenence of the creators purpose through every single element of their campaign. 

My favorite kinds of clients: artists, filmmakeers, creators, writers, social good oriented projects, permaculture and environmentally focused, social justice...projects & initiatives that make this world a fabulous place to live.